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Quotes I always emerge from Christina's salon in a relaxed mood. In part that's because I look a good deal better than when I went in. Also because the atmosphere is warm and unhurried. Conversation flows easily if you are so inclined. I highly recommend the experience. Quotes
Meryl Wall

Quotes Christina can easily turn anyone from a dull flower into a blooming beauty.....I had a color problem that no else could solve ....then I found Christina and WOW!!!!!! my hair, shines with NATURAL looking color.......she is worth the trip from any where........Thank you Christina.....Hugs...Julie Quotes
Julie Emery
"Highlighted Fan"

Quotes wabi sabi is an unique salon where you can find eco-friendly products and an amazing talented hairdresser with a heart of gold! Christina truly understands what style might and might not work for you, and will communicate this in a easy-to-understand way. its truly a place like no other and during my recent bout of surgeries, Christina washed and styled my hair when i was not able to myself. it gave me a huge boast of confidence to know that my appearance was as good as it could be when i presented my artwork to the public. I am forever grateful for this <3 I totally and thorougly recommend wabi-sabi for an all around eco friendly soulful hair experience. Quotes
wabisabi totally rocks!!!!!

Quotes Christina is extremely professional, a true expert in her field able to quickly assess individual needs. I recall my surprise when I first saw her, and she took into account my lifestyle needs when creating my color, rather then going with something that would require more visits to her salon. Christina has an unique attitude of caring and genuine love for her work, which benefits to her costumers. Quotes

Quotes We are so lucky to have such a highly talented colorist in our midst. Christina's results are consistent and natural. The time spent in the chair is relaxing. Quotes

Quotes Christina, after 13 years, you still are the best. Thanks for my color look so natural time after time. Quotes
Pat O'Keefe

Quotes Christina of Wabi Sabi Salon is easily one of the best colorists in the hair salon business. Her color is so natural and so in keeping with my natural coloring most people don't believe that I use color on my hair. I am or was naturally blonde, but now have a lot of "salt and pepper" and plain grey hair. Christina has been able to mimic as closely as possible my natural hair color (that was) and as a result I'm delighted whenever I walk out of her salon after a treatment. Its hard to get consistent "color" results but Wabi Sabi Salon manages it very well. Quotes