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High Lights that make sense.

Posted by Christina McLaughlin on October 14, 2018 at 10:45 AM

Good Day Folks,

So when it comes to high lights it important to understand that there is nothing worse than the "wrong" color.
Too often a client will ask for high lights with no idea of what best suits them. They rely on the colorist to mix the correct custom blend for their skin tone, eye color and life style.
Unfortunately too often I see a bleaced out high light that lacks color. The procces of bleaching can blow up the hair shaft and extract all that fills it.
Leaving hair dry and empty! This must not substitute as high lights.
This is a damaging process that is incomplete!!
A consultation is very important. A colorist with experience and most important the knowledge is the only way to have your custom blend.
The base color of your hair determines so much.
Adding two to three colors can make the difference between looking like your natural color or a fake color.

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