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What is Wabi Sabi Salon?

Wabi Sabi Salon is a professional hair studio located in Locust Valley, New York. The owner and proprietor, Christina McLaughlin, has over thirty years experience in the hair industry. At 21, Christina apprenticed with Bruno DeMatrio on 57th Street in New York City. It was there that she began her wonderful journey in hair and fashion.

  Her next stop was Clive Summers Hair Salon on 5th Avenue,. After developing a hair and make-upp portfolio in New York City, she headed off the Europe to do magazine work in Milan, Paris, and Munich. Upon returning to New York City, Christina felt the pull to work in an artist community. She opened a salon in the East Village

  When she and her growing family moved to Sea Cliff she saw the appreciation for a New York City stylist and colorist so she took the opportunity to open a salon in Sea Cliff. She still maintains a New York City presence and is an educator in hair color. Good products are integral of great hair and style

  Christina researches and uses only quality hair products. A science/ nature blend is what she has discovered works best. The products used at Wabi Sabi contain natural, herbal and organic ingredients. Each client's formula will be unique. Time is taken for a thorough consideration. Wabi Sabi Salon promises only the highest quality in hair treatment and styling, a fact any client would readily relay. 

January 2017 
 Danielle Ansbro joined Wabi Sabi Salon. After receiving her advanced education at the Aveda Institute in Soho New York. Danielle is well versed in all forms styling including blowouts and beautiful bridal and event hair and gorgeous make~up. She has worked at Aire ( A dry bar ) and offers great blow out packages. (please inquire). One of Danielle's fun and fantastic highlighting technique's is "Balayage" which means to paint in french; allowing her an optimum way to customize a natural and beautiful highlight on your hair. 

Wabi Sabi is a boutique salon offering individual focused color and style in a relaxing, warm and welcoming atmosphere. For more information call 516-674-6723.


Wabi Sabi (in Kanji: ??) is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional... 

Spring time is the perfect time to add a spritz of low/highlights to your hair.

Only Wabi Sabi offers this exclusive concept. 
Come in for a touch up ($65.00) and add a spritz of highlights specially priced for an additional
$85.00 (1/2 head of highlights regularly $140.00)

After receiving your beautiful spritz, use the Illuminating serum to intensify the cosmetic color of hair. Ideal for all types of colored hair to allow the color to last longer. Its leave-on formula is designed to protect the duration of cosmetic color and to give extra shine to colored hair.

Touch up / Low lights package:  Incredibly priced at $150

Please take advantage of this wonderful offer. 
Your hair color will have brightness and depth and be ready for summer.

Wabi Sabi carries only the best products: Davines, Living Proof and newest Pai Shau.

Take a look at the link below for more information


Please book your appointment at WabiSabiSalon.com, 

(516) 674-6723

Our goal is that each client be given the ability to have healthy, natural looking hair, which they can easily maintain for everyday. 



About our hair color: 
Wabi Sabi offers two color lines, both from Italy

GK Color         
Tocco Magico 
has been servicing the professional hairdressing industry since the early 1900?s. From this point onward, extensive research and development went into every product that was made by Tocco Magico.


Tocco Magico is the first company to use herbal extracts in hair color. These natural extracts have been added to a natural vegetable coconut base and carefully selected to provide specific hair and scalp benefits.

Tocco Magico also honors its responsibility to the environment. The colors are self-cleansing, non-progressive, environmentally friendly formulas that become a gentle lather as they return to nature.

From its inception, Tocco Magico has used only the finest ingredients, while adhering to strict quality control measures. All materials are tested to insure a 99% purity rating before they become part of the manufacturing process.

All of Tocco Magico?s colors contain the following 7 herbal extracts to protect and enhance:

-          Alpine Yarrow to moisturize

-          Birch to normalize and restore

-          Coltsfoot a soothing emollient

-          Horsetail to increase elasticity

-          Nettle for shine

-          Rosemary to normalize the scalp

-          Sage to invigorate and soothe


I hope you find this information helpful and interesting.











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